A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.

~ A.A. Milne


What does personal training cost?

Standard training fees are $60 per session.  If you participate with others in a small group, the hourly fee is slightly higher, but you split the cost.

Can I purchase just one session to get a workout plan?

Yes.  An appropriate use of one session would be to learn a rubber tubing routine for the upper body or have a core strength assessment and workout plan developed and written down for you right in the gym, your home or at my FitsCape studio. This ranges from $70 - $100

However, most people find most value in buying a Jump Start package of three sessions which includes an initial assessment of your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. The next two sessions are then based on the most effective workout plans for your body. I develop the workouts, provide them to you in written form or on CD’s, and you learn them with me. This is $220.

Do you have package prices?

Yes,  A good example is the Jump Start: three sessions, a written assessment and workout plans. Perfect 10 gives you a fitness assessment, the personalized workout plans and email support to make these first ten sessions make a huge difference in your fitness. $700.

Is training less expensive if I train two or three days a week?

The standard $60 per hour applies to continuing training. Your workouts will be varied and fun, introducing you to the next step when you have mastered the basics. Your training is building from session to session, week to week, and your workouts will be carefully planned to give you the best results as quickly as possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give as much notice as possible so that the hour can be offered to another client. You will not be charged for missed sessions that result from sickness, child or parent care problems or pet emergencies.

Do you offer nutrition information?

I stay abreast of the ever-changing diet and nutrition landscape, providing clients with direction to help them make the best choice of (real) science-based eating styles. I am not a registered dietician and thus can’t prescribe food plans.  That said, I am currently working with clients who have chosen Weight Watchers and The Primal Blueprint Diet, with a great deal of success, and I offer support for both those action plans.

Is there a facility fee during a personal training session?

If you work out at the FitsCape Studio in Cape Elizabeth, the cost of the facility use is part of your training fee (see fees above).

If you work out at Lifestyles Fitness Center in Scarborough, you need a day pass ($10) or to be a member.